3rd International Conference Water resources and wetlands 2016 Tulcea Romania Romanian Limnogeographical Association German Limnological Society


Themes and topics (but are not limited to)

A. Rivers and lakes ecosystem ecology
- Groundwater influx in rivers and lakes
- Paleoecological approach – a mirror between past and future
- Water geomorphologic process and landscape modeling
- Water level fluctuation and their environmental impact
- Water quality management: surface and groundwater
- Ecology and zooplankton taxonomy in lakes and rivers
- Aquatic macrophytes and invasive aquatic plants
- Shallow lakes – researches and paradigms in the XXI century
- Biodiversity, conservation and management of lakes and rivers
- Aquaculture & Fisheries

B. Climate changing and water resources
- Climate changing and extreme events: floods, droughts, hurricanes, cyclones etc.
- Ice and climate changing
- Linking climatology, hydrology and water resources management
- Lakes/reservoirs and climate change
- Hydropower production and hydraulics construction – adaptation and changing to the global warming
- Improvements of techniques and technologies for water economy (biotechnology, desalination, irrigation, domestic and industrial supply)

C. Coastal environment
- Aquaculture & Fisheries
- Biodiversity, conservation and management of coastal ecosystem
- Marine Biology
- Coastal morphology and process
- Hydrology of coastal and wetland zones
- Estuaries, saltmarshes and mangroves
- Atolls and coral reefs
- Sea level fluctuation and changing
- Coastal lakes and human pressure
- Coastal development for tourism and economic activity

D. Deltas and wetlands
- Biodiversity monitoring and management
- Deltas and anthropogenic impacts on deltas ecosystems
- River deltas and floodplain restoration (habitat and species)

E. Water policies
- Trans-boundary river and lakes issues
- Water and health
- River/lakes restoration and rehabilitation - political and economic aspect
- The role of protected areas in conservation of freshwater/salt lakes ecosystems
- Water and human development (urbanization, megacities, towns and rural areas)
- Water economy, security, institutional and socio-economic aspects
- Education and public awareness


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