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MDS ELECTRIC provide equipment and solutions for the water, oil&gas, energy industries and many more being one of the major players on the Romanian market. With an active presence of over 10 years and having a team of over 17 years of experience, we can meet all of the customer’s needs from consultancy for choosing a right solution, to sale, training and service. Representing the world leaders in manufacturing equipment for water monitoring and measurement (multiparameter sondes, level dataloggers, algae differentiation, toxicity monitoring, bathymetry, velocity and flow measurement), we can supply equipment and solutions for most of the applications related to water and environment. For more informations, please visit our website: www.mdselectric.ro or contact us directly, by e-mail at sorin.bogdan@mdselectric.ro or phone at +40745157777.

Beia Consult International, is one of the main suppliers for IT&C Telemetry equipment and services in Romania, with an experience since 1991, in more than 5000 projects. BEIA has installed along the Danube and some of its tributary rivers a monitoring system entirely consisting of telemetry equipment and software provided by Adcon Telemetry, business unit of OTT Hydromet and the beneficiary of the system is the National Administration “Apele Romane”, the institution managing water resources all over the Romanian territory. Also, BEIA is involved in R&D H2020 research projects and details can be found on our projects website: www.beiaro.eu. Adcon Telemetry is member of the Danaher group of companies, comprising of such well-known brands as OTT Hydromet, Hach Environmental, Sutron, Hydrolab, Lufft and Sea-Bird Coastal.

With offices in Melbourne, London, Brussels and Buenos Aires, Oncall Interpreters and translators is a global provider of interpreting and translation solutions, providing simultaneous interpreting services in over 50 languages at 100 conferences worldwide and translating millions of words every month! With contracted clients such as the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat, the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels, the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme and the Commission for the Conservation of Marine Living Resources, Oncall is truly a specialist in providing interpreting and translation services in the field of environment and the oceans. For more information, please see www.oncallinterpreters.com.


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