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USH Probusiness, Bio Danubius Cluster, the Bio Danubius Cluster (www.biodanubius.ro), and the Professional Association of Geography, Ecology and Tourism "Geographic Destiny" propose on The 4rd International Conference "Water Resources and Wetlands" to be held a workshop on bio economy as the best way to ensure the sustainable development of the Danube Delta taking care of the environmental protection and the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems. The goals of the work shop are to bring to the attention the way the concept of bio-economy may be applied in the unique Danube Delta region. The largest wetland in Romania, the Danube Delta, could benefit from the experience, the interactive actions, the ideas and the contributions of specialists in the field, gathered at this conference, to develop local bio-economy.
The workshop theme:
In the European Union Strategy for Danube Region (EUSDR) context, this workshop aims to aware about the bio-economic potential of the Danube Delta and, through the Bio Danubius Cluster, to provide the bet financing solutions for the sustainable development. The message of the Bio Danubius Cluster is that "in the modern globalized world, where the risks of the unsustainable development model are threating even our survival, we who are related by the Danube can do otherwise, bringing an unique contribution to transform the Danube region in the only alternative of prosperity that people have available, based on the environment and resources protection, the healthy living, the respect and care for generations to come, and the belief that together we are stronger".
The topics:
1. wetlands and organic agriculture;
2. the future of organic agriculture in Europe and in the world, policy directions;
3. linkages between organic farming and bio economy;
4. Bio Danubius as a progress vector of bio economy in the Danube Delta;
5. presentation of Bio Danubius innovative products;
6. networking.
• Petrişor PETRESCU – President, Bio Danubius Cluster, Romania
• Costin LIANU, PhD - General Manager, USH Pro Business/Manager, Bio Danubius Cluster, Romania
• Mădălina-Teodora ANDREI, PhD – President, Professional Association of Geography, Ecology and Tourism "Geographic Destiny"/EUSDR Officer/Senior Counselor, National Agency for Natural Protected Areas, Romania
• members of Bio Danubius Cluster, Romania

"Building together the best knowledge and evidence base for long term sustainable water management in Romania"

Scientists hold a wealth of essential evidence and knowledge that should be used to its full extent to drive the best management of our precious waters. In our workshop we will map together the current state of knowledge of the Romanian limnology, hydrology, hydro geomorphology and hydromorphology. Team Scotland is funded by the EU to support the implementation of the WFD in Romania and will facilitate the workshop and ensure that the outcome of the workshop is used to underpin the best possible long term sustainable water management...



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